People typically associate ‘pests’ with small animals – primarily rodents and insects. However, larger creatures such as foxes and rabbits can wreak just as much – maybe even more – havoc on residential or commercial premises. Their destructive behaviours can cause damage to your land, garden and property’s exterior.

When it comes to pest prevention and control, we strive to cover all the bases. That is why, alongside rodent, insect and bird control, we provide tailored solutions for customers experiencing an ongoing problem with foxes or rabbits in Canterbury, Whitstable, Thanet and beyond.


As well as being incredibly noisy, foxes dig, foul and scavenge for scraps by rummaging around in bins. In some instances, these incredibly agile nocturnal animals will attack household pets like rabbits and chickens, and they are the perfect hosts for diseases such as mange and roundworm, which can be harmful to pets and humans alike. Bowman Services are well equipped and meet all of the legal requirements to carry out this specialist area of pest control. Like all other forms of our work, we offer the most humane, environmentally friendly solutions possible.


Rabbits are widespread throughout Britain. Their underground warrens and digging behaviour can create chaos across fields, gardens, allotments and popular public spaces such as football fields and golf courses. How would you know if you have a rabbit problem? Well, these animals graze on a wide range of plants, fruits and vegetables, so if there are signs of damaged or eaten crops, rabbits may be the cause. If you seek a guaranteed removal of all rabbits from an area, we can help. Our fast-acting, effective rabbit control methods will also prevent the pests’ continual nuisance. We welcome enquiries at any time. Contact our friendly team on 01227 276263 or 07835 592615 today to arrange your no-obligation quote and pest control advice.