Homeowners and businesses looking for bird control in the local area can count on Bowman Services Pest Control and Bird Proofing. Do you want to stop seagulls from nesting on roofs? Are pigeons damaging the cells of your solar panels? Have you been stepping in excessive amounts of bird droppings? We effectively tackle all types of bird problems and infestations using tried and tested techniques.

As well as causing damage to your property, a bird infestation can increase the risk of infections and lead to other pests such as biting insects. What’s more, droppings can present a hazard, causing people to slip and fall.

Sings of a bird infestation include:

When it comes to controlling pigeons, gulls and other birds, our approach is humane and thorough. We have a great system in place. Our pest control technicians begin by surveying the area in question and measuring the extent of the problem. This will guide us to the most efficient method of bird removal and proofing. We are able to proof solar panels against pigeons nesting under the cells with an impressive 3-year warranty, and have even got access to falconry – a proven technique used by events organisers to deter birds and pigeons from defecating on large audiences.

Bowman Services Pest Control and Bird Proofing has established a first-class reputation for providing a professional and comprehensive bird control service tailor-made to meet the needs of you and your business. If you think you may have a problem with birds in your home, restaurant, hotel, bar, shop, office, school or any other type of commercial institution, then get in touch with the team today by calling 01227 276263 or 07835 592615. Early detection and the correct treatment is key.